The Home Movie Archives Database is a web portal designed to increase the discoverability of home movie collections in archives, museums and libraries in the United States.

While broad-based, it is far from being a comprehensive listing. The archives who were known to have collections or who responded to queries about their collections are included in this initial survey.

Archives’ online public access catalogs were searched as thoroughly as possible, but searches were reliant on records being tagged as “home movies,” “home videos” or “amateur films”. Because these genre terms are often not specified, or the materials fall into gray areas between home movies and other forms, there are many films and collections which have not been listed.

Although every attempt will be made keep the database current, it should be considered a snapshot of the collections as of the time when the searches were performed in 2017 and 2018.

Because of these caveats and more, you are strongly encouraged to contact the archives directly to inquire about other holdings in their collections.

About the Records

Whenever possible, links to the archives’ original cataloging records are provided, but in some cases archivists have provided records from in-house databases that are not accessible to the public. We have not attempted to add additional metadata or standardize or clean-up records except in a very few cases when the information about the home movies was extracted from finding aids for larger collections. Some archives have cataloged individual items, while others (particularly those that are primarily repositories of manuscript collections) catalog at the collection-level. In a very few cases, HMAD has merged individual records into collections for easier searchability.


The Keyword Search box on the front page searches within Archives names and Film or Collection titles only.

Searches on the Advanced Search page and on each record page allow for more detailed searches within specific fields.


The “Browse films” and “Browse archives” results are sorted by the order that the records were added to the database, with the newest records showing first.