Robbins Barstow Travel Adventures

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Robbins Barstow Travel Adventures

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Robbins Barstow

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15 reels 16mm (9850 ft.)

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The late Robbins Barstow of Wethersfield, Connecticut (1919-2010) was a great friend and supporter of the Center for Home Movies. Robbins began making movies in his teens, and was a member of the Amateur Cinema League. His 1936 film TARZAN AND THE ROCKY GORGE was included on the DVD Living Room Cinema. Robbins donated a large portion of his collection to the Library of Congress, including DISNEYLAND DREAM, which was named to the National Film Registry in 2008. Robbins loved showing his films to people, both in person, on VHS and DVD, and on public access television, so when he learned about the Internet Archive, he uploaded all of his self-produced videos, allowing them to reach a new audience. After his death he donated his 1936 film ADVENTURE OF THE GALLOPING GEESE, as well as the remainder of his “Barstow Travel Adventures” to the Center for Home Movies. These are lacking the trademark narration of his other works, but show the Barstow family traveling around the world.

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Center for Home Movies

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Adventure of the Galloping Geese (1936)
Barstow Travel Adventures:
Alaska (1973)
Baja Boat Trip (1973)
Bermuda (1977)
Breathtaking Britain
California/Nantucket (1975)
Colombia (1974)
Dream Trip [Western U.S.] (1967)
Eastern Canada, Montreal Expo (1966, 1968)
European Odyssey
Florida Midwinter Dream (1973)
Haiti and Puerto Rico Vacation (1970)
Hawaii (1971)
Seattle World’s Fair & Olympic National Park (1962)
Seychelles (1978)