Key Brothers Film Collection

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Key Brothers Film Collection

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3 reels

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Reel No. 1: Scenes of a plane on the ground with "Beech Nut Gum" written on the fuselage and "Pitcairn Autogyro" on the tail. Unidentified people around plane. Scenes of the airport terminal building and hangar throughout sequence. Scenes of plane on the ground, unidentified people around plane. Scenes of plane on the ground, unidentified people around plane. Scenes of plane in flight filmed from the cock pit. Scenes of plane landing, filmed from the ground. Scene of a Key Brothers Flying School booth, possibly filmed from the roof of the airport terminal building. Booth is empty and in front of the hangar. Scene of a Key Brothers Flying School booth, unidentified man inside booth holding a megaphone, front of booth reads, "Learn to Fly with Key Bros. Tickets on Sale Here." Scenes of an unidentified plane arriving and leaving the Meridian Municipal Airport. Unidentified people around the plane, "Aeromarine" written on the fuselage. Reel No. 2: Scenes of an unidentified man wearing a Key Brothers flight suit, possibly a flight student, in a plane with the Key Brothers logo on the fuselage preparing to take off. Terminal building in background. Fred Key preparing to fly wearing Key Brothers flight suit with logo "Key Brothers Flying Service Meridian, Mississippi" on back, terminal in background. Plane in flight from cockpit showing landing. Unidentified man taking off from MMA with Key Brothers logo, plane flying filmed from ground, man in cockpit having just landed. James Keeton, refueling pilot during the endurance flight. From right Al Key, Bill Ward, Fred Key and James Keeton standing in front of hangar. Bill Ward and Al Key by plane, Ward leaning on plane. Planes land at the Meridian Municipal Airport. "Ole Miss" plane at Meridian Fairgrounds on baseball field, front of plane shown with unidentified man by chair. Ceremony shown with Al Key, leaning on "Ole Miss," Fred Key under wing and Genevieve Lynn breaking champagne bottle on the planes cat walk. After christening man cranking "Ole Miss" propeller by hand. Plane in air. Cars parked next to the terminal building, people sitting in swing. Al Key lands "Ole Miss" at MMA and drives by the camera waving. Bill Ward and Fred Key. Al Key sitting in front of plane talking to his wife Evelyn. "Ole Miss" parked in front of hangar. Al Key getting out of "Ole Miss." Al Key holding his daughter Rowena Nell. Dr. Elmore Benjamin Key, father of the Key brothers, riding a bike possibly at the Key home. Fred Key's son Sonny Key riding on bicycle handle bars while his mother Louise and grandmother Mary watch. Louise and Sonny Key get into car and are driven away. Key family arrive in truck. Mary Key, mother of the Key brothers, standing in front of the "Ole Miss" plane. Close up of logo on fuselage written "OLE MISS" and the state flag decal. Plane is in hangar. "Ole Miss" cock pit. Filmed from the pilots seat, shows controls and gauges. "Ole Miss" plane in hangar. Crew of "Ole Miss" push plane out of hangar and stand in front of it talking. Each individual crew member could not be identified. From right, Fred and his wife Louise, Al and his wife Evelyn and their daughter Rowena Nell standing in front of the plane with the "Ole Miss" logo in the middle. Al and Fred Key leaning on the "Ole Miss" cat walk. Al and Fred Key with their parents Dr. Elmore and Mary. Fred Key standing inside plane and leaning over side talking to his father and possibly Bill Ward. The "Ole Miss" takes off from MMA June 4, 1935. "Ole Miss" refueling. Filmed from the refueling plane flown by James Keeton. Fred Key standing and holding the fuel hose. Evelyn Key stands in front of hangar with two men. Sonny and Nell Key hold hands while walking to a car. Louise Key kisses her son. Sonny and gets into car. Cars parked at MMA. Dr. Elmore Key and his wife Mary stand in front of terminal building talking. Close up of Sonny Key. "Ole Miss" filmed in flight from another plane. People in front of hangar. Key Brothers Endurance Flight sign in foreground. Unidentified plane shown taking off and landing. "Ole Miss" in flight from ground. Sonny Key and mother Louise waiting for landing. "Ole Miss" lands. People line the runway. Plane stops at the edge of the crowd. Fred Key standing up in plane holding his son Sonny while his wife Louise sits next to him. Fred Key is carried away. Fred and Al Key speak in hangar about the flight. Sonny Key walking with toy plane in hand. Reel No. 3: Footage of Key family at home, MMA, church, birthday party and cemetery. Also aerial footage possibly of Meridian, Mississippi. "Ole Miss" after endurance flight with the endurance record statistics and "MacMillan Oil Co." on the plane's fuselage. Key family picnic.

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