Helen Taussig Collection

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Helen Taussig Collection

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Taussig, Helen B. (Helen Brooke), 1898-1986.

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Home movies, 1950-1961: 61 film reels (ca. 550 min., 6600 ft.) : sil., col. ; 8 mm. orig. reversal pos. Miracle in a Month, 1946: 1 film reel (19.5 min., 474 ft.) : sil., col. ; 16 mm. reversal print.

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Helen Taussig was a pioneering pediatric cardiologist, known for her work as a co-developer of the famous "blue baby" operation. Her home movies feature many travel films dating from 1950-1961. The films include footage from trips to Central and South America, including visits to ancient villages such as Tikal, Pachacamac, and Machu Picchu; as well as footage of various towns and villages in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, and the Panama Canal. There is also footage of Turkey, Egypt, Greece, France, Holland, Prague, England, Nova Scotia, Italy, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, and Haiti. In addition to the international travel films, there are a few reels of Taussig with family members at the beach and visiting friends in St. Louis. "Miracle in a Month": This film was compiled by parents of a “blue baby” in 1946. It shows home movies of the young boy on his third birthday and every subsequent birthday from 1938-1946, at which time the child in deteriorating health was admitted to The Johns Hopkins Hospital for surgery. The film then shows the boy coming home from his operation in good health and walking by himself from the train. Finally, we see the healthy boy 3 months after his operation playing and riding a bike. Aside from its medical interest, the film is also notable for wartime references, such as the child dressed as a Navy officer. Intertitles explain each scene.

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Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives - Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

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