[Assorted scenes–Shirley Clarke collection]

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[Assorted scenes--Shirley Clarke collection]

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Shirley Clarke

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Home movies of parties, rock concerts, musical gatherings, and the San Francisco Mime Troupe. Notes for individual reels: CA 560: Original note with footage reads "Al Rubin's lightshow at Malibu (Ken Jaffe's production) and dancing on boat around Manhattan (publicity for pop star from Ireland)." Images include a party with people dancing, nighttime outdoors in New York, images taken from a car. CA 561: Party footage, fashion show with abstract images and colors over it, band footage of Frank Zappa and Mothers. CA 562: Formal social gathering, band, San Francisco Mime Troupe outdoor performance showing shots of the audience, Malibu sea and sky with Clarke and others. CA 563: Sunset with female dancer superimposed, meeting with Jonas Mekas and Clarke, kids in costume, church with sitar player, men playing flute and drum outdoors, Archee Shepp at the Village Theatre. CA 564: People outdoors, nightclub, The Who in concert, people on the street.

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Wisconsin Center for Film & Theater Research

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